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Oracle Cloud Conversion Tools – Features and  Benefits

Oracle Cloud Conversion Tools – Features and Benefits


  • Data Profiling tool to analyze the source system data with the  help of structured reports and dashboards.
  • Fully automated tool to stage, map, validate, correct and load  converted data to Oracle Cloud.
  • Pre-built data extracts for common source systems such as  Oracle EBS.
  • Data Quality Assessment packages to ensure the quality of  incoming data.
  • Seeded validation rules to ensure source data referential  integrity.
  • Ability to configure defaulting and transformation rules.
  • Pre-built data reconciliation reports with scorecard.
  • A cross-walk utility to map old values to the new accounting  structure or any other transformation.
  • FBDI comparator tool to analyze and provide the scripts for  tool updates as per new releases.


  • Data Profiling helps in data  cleansing and better designing of  the solutions.
  • Provides data transformation  services to support configuration  changes between Oracle Cloud and  disparate systems.
  • Eliminates the need to hard-code  transformation rules in extract  routines.
  • Built in validations and data quality  assessment packages ensure the  data quality early in the project  lifecycle.
  • Repeatable data migration  platform and template for future  Cloud deployments.
  • Pre-defined extracts and  reconciliation reports.

What Ebizoncloud will do ?

  1. Extract data from source system(s) using  SQL Developer/any other tool based on the  legacy system. Load the extracted data in  Data Profiling tool for data analysis
  2. Data Cleansing in source system based on data profiling.
  3. Extract data as per the business requirements.
  4. Stage the data in Oracle Database.
  5. Data Quality Assessment based on cross  reference reports and validation rules and  Transformation based on mappings and transformation rules.
  6. Generate FBDI and load the data into Interface tables via Oracle ESS Load Jobs.
  7. Import the data into Oracle Base Tables via  Oracle ESS Import Jobs.
  8. Reconciliation : Reports will extract data  from Fusion to reconcile with Source Data

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