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Designed for Resilience and Reliability: Articulating DR Strategy on the Cloud

eBizonCloud, the world’s leading application-focused, automation-driven cloud managed services provider, is stringent on delivering truly uninterrupted, end-to-end cloud experiences from the infra to the application login layer. A pillar to that credibility is eBizonCloud’s incredible DR-as-a-Service offerings designed to keep enterprises safe from disasters and unforeseen consequences, delivering uninterrupted services and adding invaluable resilience to enterprise workloads, databases, and operations as a whole.

The heart of eBizonCloud’s unique Disaster Recovery offerings is its 4-way DR framework across multiple regions or cloud availability zones. What this entitles is that be it cloud, on-prem, or third-party datacentres, or a hybrid-multicloud framework, all enterprise IT workloads and databases are synchronized and auto-copied across 4 locations with varying degree of military-grade security and connectivity. A stringent Recovery Point Objective (RPO)/RTO is guaranteed with industry-best application-level uptime for all mission-critical workloads with due compliance and seamless governance. eBizonCloud is committed to end-to-end ownership during any disaster, until primary site restoration.


of companies without Disaster Recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.


of businesses recover from an IT disruption in less than an hour.


of businesses with a disaster recovery solution in place fully recover operations.


lost data that can never be recovered.

The Oracle Cloud Promise for your Business Continuity Planning

Ebizoncloud has firm conviction that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) returns a great price-to-performance ratio for DR solutions. This applies to Oracle workloads and also to Linux and Windows workloads. We provide DRaaS to 600+ companies across the globe securing their mission-critical data and applications. A major reason for enterprises to onboard the Oracle cloud for its DR strategies is in the platform’s seamless hybrid and multi-cloud integration capabilities, implemented fail-proof by Ebizoncloud.

OCI prides itself in its high availability storage, networking, and file synchronization, auto data replication and duplication properties along with automated backup and recovery across multiple heterogeneous environments with ease, resulting in substantial DR savings. Enterprises find Ebizoncloud and OCI as the perfect solution for their Oracle Install base, running on-premises or on third-party DC. Organizations need not search further for compliance-ready DR solutions on Cloud that are cost-effective and efficient across broad scenarios.

Why Should You Invest in a DR Strategy from the Very Beginning?

Prevent Complete data loss

Data is very important to enterprises and loss of data can cause irreparable damage to the organization. Usually, enterprises lose data due to various reasons, such as security breach, natural disaster, or human error. No enterprise is fully protected from disasters. At any point of time, loss of data due to an unplanned outage can cost thousands or even millions of dollars, from which enterprises may never even recover.

Bid Adieu to Business Interruption

Business interruption is never a good thing for any business. In fact, when businesses do not work, it means they are losing out on both revenue and employee productivity. Enterprises usually do not have the right equipment needed to resume business as usual. Without proper disaster recovery (DR), enterprises lack a smooth transition between the cohesive business units to get back on track and continue operations.

Embrace Highly Reduced Downtime

As part of the Ebizon Cloud Oracle DR, enterprises will be able to run off the cloud or retrieve critical application data and systems from anywhere. With Ebizon Cloud disaster recovery, enterprises can reduce downtime and data loss exposure for critical business functions. Through Ebizon Cloud Oracle DR, we provide high-end capabilities which analyse the readiness to eliminate downtime. We at Ebizon Cloud by building a disaster recovery solution on Oracle Cloud offer enterprises with zero downtime, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Process Objective (RPO) with single SLA.

Protect Mission-Critical Applications

For every enterprise safeguarding their mission-critical applications is of utmost importance. With Ebizon Cloud Oracle DR, enterprises can take advantage of the high security and compliance requirements regarding the cryptographic algorithms, key management & data encryption. As part of the Oracle DR, we provide security controls, visibility to log data and security analytics. As a trusted partner, Ebizon Cloud safeguards key business operations and mission-critical applications while minimizing interruption of critical processes.

Embrace and Encourage Cost-effectiveness

As part of the Ebizon Cloud Oracle DR, enterprises can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go model. This way, enterprises can align the cost depending on the organization’s IT disaster recovery needs. With Ebizon Cloud Oracle DR, enterprises can shift the costs from capital expense to operational expense. As part of the Ebizon Cloud Oracle DR, enterprises can run fractional footprints of their on-premise workloads in the Oracle Cloud, which can be scaled up to full capacity whenever needed.

More Highlights: Why Invest in the Oracle Cloud and eBizon Cloud Power Duo for your Business Continuity Planning?

Seamlessly to the regulatory compliance and security frameworks catering to national regulations or international standards.

Faster response times thanks to the automation tools that deploy solutions, move to backups, as and when the need arises.

Excellent network connectivity across all DR zones with secure VPNs, FastConnect, Load Balancing techniques, etc.

End-to-end automated managed services to ensure seamless continuity at minimal human touch.

Rapid implementation using Oracle Cloud and Ebizon Cloud proprietary automation and tooling.

Pre-provisioned resources launched in minutes for rapid recovery from exigencies.

Prevent extra losses due to inadequate DR planning or cyberattacks.

Dynamic provisioning on requirement to lower costs.

Minimize capital investments on datacenters.

Automated database sync using Active Data Guard on OMultiple RPO/RTO options for control over availability versus cost Oracle Databases Cloud Service.

4-way DR architecture across multiple availability zones ensuring highest uptime up to application level at all scenarios.

Eliminate frequent upgrades and maintenance with cloud-powered monitoring, infra management tools.

Flexibility to choose the critical data and applications that need back-up, and pay only for them.

Increased security, governance, and compliance via proprietary intelligent solutions

Supports multi-cloud and hybrid cloud continuity planning on the OCI architecture.

High availability storage, databases, backup and recovery.

Multiple RPO/RTO options for control over availability versus cost.

24/7/365 full-stack DR consulting and support.

True Resilience Starts with Proper Planning: eBizon Cloud DR Implementation Plan on Oracle Cloud

Step 1: Assessment of as-is landscape

  • The scope of cloud governance encompasses the entire lifecycle of cloud services, including planning, deployment, management, and decommissioning. It covers all aspects of the cloud environment, including the infrastructure, applications, data, and users.
  • By 2024, enterprise cloud spending would reach 80% of the total IT-hosting budget
  • 39% of enterprises on cloud state that resolving Governance and compliance issues is their No.1 challenge

Step 2: Business Continuity Planning

  • Business acceptable level of risk
  • Analysis of business risks
  • Application dependencies
  • Defining the RPO/RTO

Step 3: Disaster Recovery Strategic Planning

  • Architecting the DR solution on OCI
  • Identifying replication tools and methodology to achieve the RPO and define the RTO
  • Implementing DR on OCI platform with RPO/RTO and managed services under single SLA

Step 4: Business Impact Analysis

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Conduct periodic DR drills to check agility in managing failover to DR site in event of DR, and failback to primary site post-DR situation
  • Test, Revise as necessary and update the DR plan

In the Cloud, By the Cloud: Oracle Cloud Native DR Tools and Services

Regions, Fault Domains, and Availability Domains

  • Dedicated Oracle Cloud Regions
  • Multiple Availability Domains per Region
  • Physical and Virtual Network Designs
  • Dedicated Cloud Region Customer
  • Support
  • Oracle Autonomous Database

Databases, High Availability Backup and Recovery

  • Exadata Database Cloud Service
  • 2-Node RAC Database Systems
  • Data Guard and Active Data Guard
  • Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Oracle Site Guard
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle GoldenGate
  • Hybrid Data Guard

High Availability Storage

  • OCI Object Storage
  • OCI Block Volume Policy-based
  • Backups
  • OCI File Storage with Synchronous
  • Replication

Network Connectivity and Redundancy

  • IPSec VPN with Dynamic Routing
  • Gateway (DRG)
  • OCI FastConnect Routers
  • OCI Load Balancing
  • OCI Hybrid and Multi-cloud Connect

Related Solutions

  • OCI MySQL Database Service with Heat Wave
  • Oracle Cloud VMWare Solution
  • OCI Integration
  • OCI Data Integration
  • Oracle Cloud Observability and
  • Management Platform

Ebizoncloud End-to-end Disaster Recovery Services on the Oracle Cloud

As a trusted Oracle partner, Ebizoncloud delivers a completely automated DR Solution framework on the Oracle Cloud. Our proprietary and matured workloads management platform supports multiple clouds and hybrid deployment scenarios powered by the underlying OCI architecture. We support all data configurations and applications, without any application rewrites, for every environment and without any disruption to normal businesses.

Continuous Improvement

Robust Change and Learning Management process

Half-yearly drills with simulation of DR events

End to end Managed Services

24/7 monitoring of DR set-up with ownership of DR SLA

Focused and efficient technoloqies based Centers of Excellence

Data Backup and Replication

Oracle Cloud Native Backup

Commvault Replication, Native DB replication

Cost Optimization

DR on-demand model enables pay only when to use options for the enterprises


  • Assessment of the current scenario to define the best BCP and DR approach various workloads
  • Architecture planning
  • Proof of Concept
  • OCI on boarding
  • Design and planning for high availability architecture


  • Implementation
  • Manage Entries Applications
  • Evaluations
  • Performance Tuning
  • Build High Availability Architecture
  • Restoration up to the primary site, post-DR

Hybrid and
Multicloud DR planning

  • Implementation
  • Analysis of the current IT ecosystem
  • Orchestrating the hybrid and multi-cloud databases
  • Workloads and data backups for fast site recovery
  • Testing and analysis across all clouds

Security Compliance
and Governance

  • Implementation
  • Compliance analysis and checks
  • Infra monitoring and health check-ups
  • Deployment of cloud-native and proprietary security solutions
  • Auto governance, policy, and compliance assessments

eBizonCloud Enterprise Backup Solutions on the Oracle Cloud

eBizonCloud management expertise with all leading public cloud platforms makes it seamless to maintain and manage enterprise backup across multiple clouds and hybrid cloud environments. We abstract complexities and integrate solution components, presenting a reliable and cost-effective solution that extends to hybrid environments. eBizonCloud automates processes, operates and manages the solution, and offers 24/7 support with an assured SLA, irrespective of the environment landscape.

Validate pre-requisites for agent installation Firewall policy implementation Configure backup communication network and backup policy template

Monitor backup jobs for successful backup Troubleshoot and trigger halted backup(s) Restore the backups in case of disaster/data loss/storage failure.

Backup Solutions

Install backup agent installation in source machines and define targets Schedule backup jobs and manage backup storage. Create and manage backup retention policy Configur

Create backup policy documentation Generate backup summary report on periodic basis Perform backup storage optimization

An Impact with Difference: Why Partner with eBizonCloud?

World’s leading automation-driven and application-focused cloud MSP

Dedicated Oracle Center of Excellence with Oracle Certified Resources

Experience in managing oracle engineered systems with AIOps-powered Managed Operations

Deployed more than 600 DR setup across industry vertical

Experience of conducting more than 5000 DR drills

Zero downtime and data loss DR solutions with fully automated solutions

Robust framework using industry standards adhering to compliance regulations - IT BCP Compliance ISO 22301 BCRS

24x7x365 monitoring of DR setup with ownership of DR SLA.

4-tiered cloud-based DR services with customized DR capacity

End-to-end responsibility of managed DR setup along with replication with maintaining the SLA for RPO/RTO

End-to-end responsibility of managed DR setup Proprietary innovations across AI, Hyper automation, Cybersecurity, Data Analysis for advanced impact.

Migrated 40000+ Instances and 8000+ Databases

Oracle Cloud Native and Third Party Replication Tools

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