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Managed or Self-Service from a single pane of glass.

To ensure effective and secure use of cloud computing technologies, cloud management refers to the practice of monitoring and optimizing cloud-based resources and services. Cloud management involves tasks such as provisioning, monitoring, scaling, cost optimization, security management, and performance tuning of cloud environments.

As cloud technology continues to evolve, organizations are focusing on achieving better Return on Investment (ROI) and creating enterprise-wide value through innovative cloud management strategies.

Achieving effective management and oversight of complex systems is only feasible when you have clear visibility into those systems. Obtaining this visibility becomes challenging, especially when your infrastructure is distributed across multiple public clouds, hybrid clouds, and private clouds in the cloud computing environment.

Without proper visibility, it becomes difficult to monitor the status and behaviour of your cloud resources, leading to potential hurdles in terms of monitoring, security, and governance. However, addressing these challenges is crucial to optimize performance, enhance security, and ensure compliance across your multi-cloud setup.

With the eBizonCloud Cloud Management Platform, you can overcome these challenges and gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire system’s condition. Our CMP offers complete visibility across all your clouds, enabling you to monitor and manage various aspects, including cost, utilization, performance, configuration, and security, all from a single console. Your distributed IT system becomes an integrated environment that you can assess as a whole and optimize holistically, rather than making incremental improvements, thanks to eBizonCloud.”

The systems that will be moving to the cloud must be thoroughly understood in order to make the transfer successfully. To assess how well your apps and infrastructure map to the cloud and what sorts of cloud resources they’ll need, it is essential to have a thorough grasp of both.

High level Cloud management Benefits:

Reduce Risk

Simplify management

Go Faster

Improve ROI

Explore Our Cloud Management Services in More Detail:

Governance & Platform

Orchestration & Automation

Security Compliance

Governance & Platform

  • The objectives are the same regardless of the cloud platform you choose: take advantage of the cloud’s agility and scalability while cutting costs. The same issues still exist: maximizing usage, achieving optimal performance, and maintaining data management.
  • To meet these problems and accomplish these objectives, a thorough grasp of cloud platforms is necessary. The eBizonCloud team combines systems management skills with high levels of technical proficiency in cloud technologies. Engineers are certified in Oracle Cloud. We take care of all normal support, upkeep, and monitoring with our managed cloud services. We manage your cloud by implementing best practices and ensuring you get the most out of your Cloud without having to micromanage them.
  • Utilizing the cloud cuts down on the time and effort needed for IT management and support, but it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. The normal support and upkeep are handled by eBizonCloud, cloud management services, which guarantee that your cloud is a solid basis for your business procedures.

Automation and Orchestration

  • The agility of the cloud is among its most expected advantages. The adaptability of the cloud enables you to quickly alter your technical infrastructure in response to fresh opportunities or alterations in the business environment.
  • Managing a constantly shifting set of resources effectively is necessary to get that benefit. The easiest approach to do that is to use orchestration and automation technologies that can identify your instances and make sure that updates are successfully delivered across all of them.
  • All of the major cloud platforms are supported by eBizonCloud orchestration and automation services. All systems comply with corporate and IT regulations, routine maintenance never skips a machine, and new instances can be customized to match existing ones. With automation and orchestration, you may spend more time taking benefit of the improvements you made in the cloud rather than spending time making changes and fixing mistakes.

Security Conformity

The main barriers to cloud adoption for many firms are security and compliance. How do you protect data if it is on servers outside of your network perimeter that you don’t manage?

eBizonCloud is aware of the security issues posed by public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud clouds. Our engineers are trained on the top platforms and are familiar with the security features offered by Oracle Cloud Platform. Our team employs the platform’s capabilities and third-party solutions to ensure optimal data protection, regardless of the cloud service you select. Monitoring makes ensuring that every setup complies with security requirements and that any unwanted access is found. Best practices are followed to maintain data management compliance in the cloud, thanks to eBizonCloud support.

Use Cases

The eBizonCloud platform serves as a single point of control for your varied and evolving cloud ecosystem, enhancing its effectiveness and governance.

When considering moving workloads to the Orale cloud, evaluate and model them.

Create rules that will speed up decision-making, automate routine tasks, and lower risk.

Simplify budget tracking, keep an eye on spending growth, and look for ways to reduce your cloud bill.

Analyse performance and use to spot under or overused infrastructure.

Take control of the whole life cycle of RIs, including the acquisition, amortisation, optimisation, revisions, and automated policies.

Receive notifications and alerts for non-compliant assets and accounts so you can remain on top of security risks.

Managing Service Levels to Comply with Business Goals

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