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EbizonCloud offers a wide range of Oracle Cloud Services to help your business grow and succeed. From Infrastructure-as-a-Service to Platform-as-a-Service, we have everything you need to get started with the cloud.

Strategy & Mitigation

EbizonCloud can help you create a customized architecture for your business using its advanced capabilities. If you attend one of their special cloud readiness and discovery workshops, you can figure out what benefits the cloud will have for your company, identify the tools and solutions you need, and get an idea of the cost and time it will take the switch. With this information, you can start laying the foundation for a successful future in Oracle Cloud and take advantage of its world-class computing resources, storage, and enterprise intelligence features. EbizonCloud's Oracle Cloud Migration Factory approach can help you move to the cloud quickly. You can use this approach for multiple cloud types, like hybrid clouds, community clouds, and private clouds. Additionally, this approach allows you to move your web service, applications, databases, networks, systems, and servers without any operational disruption or information loss.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) helps organizations understand their business needs and how Oracle Cloud can help them meet those needs. CAF understands the business motivation, identifies the business outcomes, and formulates the cloud strategy, vision, and adoption plan. Our experts prepare an in-depth analysis of your current IT landscape to ensure a smooth transition and provide you with comprehensive migration tools to build the environment. We focus on designing landing zones that cover network design and security considerations like firewalls or SSL certificates for encrypted connections between computers inside organizations' networks.

Fully Managed Cloud Operations

Use intelligent solutions and insights-driven visibility to administer your Cloud IT backend. Gain distinctive competencies in the cloud leveraging innovative Oracle cloud services and custom native tools and solutions tailored to infra migration with our specialists. Manage Oracle assets and integrated applications, other cloud platforms, and third-party applications easily via the Oracle cloud. Optimize cloud costs via innovative optimization solutions to save money.

Cloud Set-Up and Infrastructure

You can set up a cloud infrastructure for your company that will be reliable and helps you modernize your IT assets. You can also use the cloud to power tools that will help you manage your virtual infrastructure. This will help you ensure uninterrupted business continuity and peak traffic periods with no disruption. Additionally, you'll be able to manage resources more effectively.

Data Migration

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a good choice for businesses that need scalability, availability, and security. EbizonCloud can help your business by completing your landscape assessment to prepare it for OCI. This will improve performance and make operations more efficient, with no upfront costs. In addition, EbizonCloud offers a well-designed approach to migrating and modernizing databases on OCI. This can help enterprises enjoy enhanced scalability, improved flexibility, and compliance with data regulatory policies. We have a suite of solutions that can help in multiple scenarios and of different scales.

Data Modernization

With Oracle's comprehensive data modernization technologies and EbizonCloud's deep industry experience, your business processes will be streamlined with improved decision-making capabilities. You'll also be able to accelerate critical information processing by using our certified cloud experts for consultation on how best to fit into an increasingly migrating workplace culture. EbizonCloud's data migration service is a great way to move your data to the cloud. It is cost-effective and reliable and comes with all the tools you need to make a move. EbizonCloud's migration factory has a highly automated approach with a skilled and experienced workforce. They use tried and tested tools to eliminate delays and deliver timely results. EbizonCloud offers customized migration blueprints, DevOps documentation, robust APIs, and automated database migration factories.

Application Management

Oracle's cloud-based Kubernetes Service can help you modernize your application management experience with microservices architecture and containerization. Use Oracle applications like the Fusion ERP, Autonomous Database Services, and more to address the enterprise functionalities end-to-end. With ease, embrace complete hybrid cloud application management with tools for seamless integration across multiple clouds and on-premise environments.


Use smart DevOps and IaC together with an intelligent CI/CD architecture that allows you to automate your entire software development:
1.Code build, testing, deployment, and running.
2.Deploy Oracle-powered development environments and CI/CD pipelines easily across any ecosystem or landscape.
3.Perform rolling updates, release newer application features quickly, and integrate third-party DevOps tools and platforms with ease.


EbizonCloud offers Disaster Recovery as a Service to help enterprises be prepared for disasters. EbizonCloud is a trusted Oracle partner. We're proud to offer wholly automated DR solutions on the Oracle Cloud. Our unique, mature, and reliable workloads management platform can be used without any application rewrites in every environment. We offer a convenient pay-as-you-go model that's perfect for businesses on budget constraints or just getting started with their IT department.

Security Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle enables enterprises to have a virtual data center that is secure and under their complete control. This provides high performance and security for services. As a trusted partner of Oracle and a leading Managed Security Services provider, EbizonCloud offers Oracle security workshops. Our workshops provide a first-hand experience of resolving security pain points. Enterprises can access security assessment reports, recommendations on governing industry-specific compliance controls, security control (re)mapping against tools, and maintenance of controls in green states through our workshops.


Oracle governance helps enterprises to keep track of what is going on, stay compliant with regulations, and keep their systems secure. An Oracle governance assessment can help businesses understand their customers' networks, systems, and applications on OCI. This will give them the scalability, high performance, and resilience they need from the cloud. EbizonCloud has designed a workshop to help businesses understand their requirements and provide efficient solutions. EbizonCloud governance workshop will help you discover advanced security, defined access control, optimized costs and processes, and well-designed policies to track cloud performance progress during the migration, including real-time alerts on processes that do not comply with established policies.

Multicloud Managed Services

Oracle cloud can be used to extend the capabilities of OCI to on-prem locations, data centers, remote offices, endpoints, and Edge/IoT networks. You can connect OCI to other cloud providers and use Megaport and Equinix to create a split stack architecture. This will let you use EbizonCloud services to manage your OCI hybrid or multi-cloud architecture. This will give you ultra-low latency on your workloads, seamless data transfer and management, and fail-proof, duly compliant operations.

Workspace Modernization

Use technology to work wherever and whenever you want. Oracle's virtual desktop, DaaS, and other services let you work fast and efficiently. You can use the service for multiple people anywhere in the world. This will help with your remote work problems and ensure you always have access to your work.

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